for my taste in music (rock/metal) i looked around for several months for a budget sub that would get loud, and play clean. i wanted to spend $50-60 maximum.... which is hard to do even for a single 8" sub.

here's what i consdered:
JL 8w0
Assassin 8

i've owned two RE RE 8" subs before, i had 150rms on each in .8cuft sealed enclosures, and i was very impressed. i originally planned to purchase another RE 8, however their prices went up from when i first purchased my pair. so, that was out of my budget.

same goes for the JL. my buddy has one in his civic, it gets loud and sounds decent, but for $99, it couldn't compete with the AA assassin.

so, that decided it. AA assassin was the best on paper, and least expensive. so, in my mind a no-brainer. i placed a credit card order on their website, and recieved the sub two days later. it was packed well, and shipped very quickly. then again, i live in SW michigan, about 2.5hrs NE of chicago.

i went to home depot and picked up the goods to make the enclosure. per AA's recommendation, i went with their specs on a single ported box. i think their specs work out to ~1.25cuft ported to 40hz. box build was straightforward. i have a profile 740X amp that i am bridging the rear channels to sent 180rms at 4ohms to the AA.

now... the end result:
ouuuuuuutstanding sound. very loud for single 8". it plays rock/metal superbly as i expected from my experiences with 8s in the past. clean sound when EQd around 100hz. it souded a little muddy above that. in my civic hatchback it is loud as is exaclty what i was looking for. it doesn't get low, and i don't need it to.

all in all, for the cost this sub is unbeatable. i HIGHLY recommend it.