i searched for a few months on which component set was the least expensive yet decent quality. several searches here led me to these components

so, i took the plunge. etronics.com had a paypal free shipping offer, so i ended up getting the compelte set for $49.99 including shipping. unbelieveable. that's cheaper than most mid-level coaxials.


excellent up-close pictures can be seen here:

the box:
everything was packaged and sorted well. included is plenty of wiring, all the tweeter mounting hardware (surface, angled, rotating), tweeters, woofers and crossovers.

initial impressions:
everything appears to be of typical phoenix gold build standards. no flaws in anything, heavy and "solid" feel to the crossovers and woofers. the terminal tabs on the woofers are just a riveted stiff cardboard. kinda crappy, but pretty typical of cheaper speakers. quality can definitely be improved there.

i pulled my door panels, mounted the crossovers with supplied hardware and ran the wires. i cut new 3/4" woofer rings out of some random board at home as the rings for my 6.5" coaxials were 1/2" too small. the woofers are definitely oversized for a 6.5". i tried a few different tweeter mounting spots, but ended up mounting them to the OEM door panel speaker grills only an inch or two from the woofer. in all, it took about 3hrs total including cutting out the new woofer rings.

i have 60rms on each, they are rated at 75rms. after EQing and changing the tweeter attenuation to +3db, i was very happy. initial sound was a bit tight, but after a week of playing an hour daily, they sound great. i have always preferred silk tweeters, and these are no exception. smooth highs that are clear and precise. surprising midbass even from only a slightly deadened and un-sealed door. i expect that some aluminum sheeting cut and sealed over all the door openings will really give them some nice punch.

the verdict:
for the budget conscience, these are unbeatable. $50 is a just an insane price, and WELL worth the cost. i am more than satisfied with my purchase and i highly recommend these to anyone on a budget.