ascendant audio assassin 12" just came in yesterday. it was 115 shipped (IIRC)

this is in my home audio setup (room) ran off of a Dayton 240 RMS @ 4 plate amp ($100 on parts express) after breaking it in yesterday, i decided to drop it in my 2.6 cubic foot enclosure tuned to 30 hz. GREAT low end. GREAT sound. i love it. so far, after listening to junkie XL (crusher), ludacris (get back), immortal technique (beef and broccholi), three 6 mafia (all the chopped and screwed) i couldnt be any happier with only paying a tad more than 200.

update: after listening to a few songs by a perfect circle so far, i am hooked

my reciever is a yamaha RX-V1070, i got used for 150. some of the outputs are screwed up, so i have to use a full range signal and LP at the amp. It certainly isnt getting enough signal, but it is enough to vibrate the walls and rattle the windows at 1/3 volume. anyways, im very impressed with this setup, and would recommend it to anybody that is just getting into home audio (or car audio if you wish) that wants a nice deep extension and awesome bass on demand

this sub is rated for 350 watts, so i imagine itll take alot more power than the 240 im sending it now

that is all