This review is over a set of SoundStorm Labs 5x7 (SC5722) Coaxials.

The first thing I did was apply power and a 20hz sine wave to get one to reach Xmax and check for any obvious mechanical faults. At ~3 to 4 mm p2p it hit Xmech and started bottoming out. The glue started to burn producing a horrible cheap glue smell. The speaker had a fair amount of mechanical noise, even at moderate volume, that started at the woofer and fed into the tweeter, making a constant buzz at whatever frequency made the cone move the most.

After about 10 minutes of play at moderate volume lowpassed at 300hz the motor became warm to the touch.

Running fullpass was disappointing. The midrange was inconsistant. Instruments had no definition at all. Vocals were hard to distinguish and often unintelligible. The high range was completely lacking in everything but obviously high events like crashing cymbals. There was no midbass. There was no usable output below the midrange region for that matter. Low tuned guitars and bass guiters sounded extremely mechanical and off key.

I'm usually not one to write a bad review, but listening to music with this coaxial set is akin to listening to music underwater in a heavy rain while having your head smashed into a rock. SoundStorm Labs shouldn't be allowed to make speakers if this is what they offer.