Let me start by saying I got into car audio about a year ago looking for speakers for my new car and started installing because local shops I went to ripped me off and not to mention they have some bad installers. I am no expert but have learned a lot in the process of putting together my system. I don’t have access to ultra high end equipment so the references I use are Grado SR60 headphones and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and IFI. Have any questions or comments feel free to email me at [email protected]. Here is a break down of my current setup:

Head Unit- Alpine W200
IMO the best double-din on the market. Easy to install and user friendly. SQ is phenomenal as always with Alpine HUs. My favorite feature is the ipod interface, almost perfect. Pulsetouch which makes the screen feel like buttons is definitely nice. It plays virtually every format including DVD-A. DVD playback is crisp and clear. Very expandable; game console, Bluetooth for cell phones, blackbird (navigation) is only $500 (dock is $200) and is also portable with a built-in mp3 player, H701 for hardcore tweakers, and backup camera. Very recommended!

Components- CDT HD62
I have the drt25 tweeters and 480 crossovers. Powered with [email protected] and 24db slope. Mids are mounted on MDF baffles in a sealed door. Most things people say in the forums about them are true: these new tweeters have lots of detail while being easy on the ear. The best of both worlds. The most impressive thing about these components is the vocals/midrange. No muffling on complex songs and voices sound natural. The midbass is great in my doors. Well worth the money.

Component Amp- JBL PX600.2
I have to say this has to be the best looking 2-channel amp I’ve ever seen. Although its pretty long (about 17 inches wide) that’s the beauty of it, the Plexiglas showcases its beautiful internals. Build quality is excellent, never gets hot and has a built in clipping indicator!

Subwoofer- JBL P1024
I would like to say JBL is one of the most underrated car audio companies in the business. They dominate the pro audio market and take many trophies at car audio world championships. I originally wanted to get a w10gti but the massive 9 inch mounting depth was a problem. So I settled on its little brother the new 60th anniversary power series line. I personally think this sub is unbeatable for the SD price of $130 shipped a while ago. Unlike previous versions, it borrows the Kevlar impregnated paper cone and surround from the flagship GTI. This thing is heavy for a 10 inch weighing in at 28 pounds, 92db sensitivity, cast frame, triple stack motor, 1600w peak, 3 inch voice coil, what other company can give you those features at the same price point (authorized)? It also uses Harmon patented plus one technology which gives it more cone area than other 10s, overall diameter is 12 inches! I put it in a .75cu (factory recommended) sealed Obcon box. Obcon makes some of the best prefab boxes, CNC cut, 1” MDF all around, double caulked, black carpeted, nice spring loaded binding posts, brushed aluminum sides (matches the color scheme of the P1024). This sub is on par and similar to the Alpine type r subs. The RMS is 400 but I am giving it 600w at 2ohms. There’s a video on ROE of a guy giving this sub 900wrms constant, playing test tones in his CRX if you want to check that out. Power series is no joke. I first had this on my Alpine m301 putting out 350w and it was not bad as this driver has good efficiency. At 600w the SQ is superb. I uploaded some vids on my http://members.dslextreme.com/users/makaveli/. It was taken from my digital camera at 23/35 volume. Just to show the SQ otherwise the low quality mic would distort.

Sub Amp- Alpine M605
IMO Alpine is the industry leader in Class D technology for car audio although they license it from Bang and Olfusen. Their amps get smaller, more efficient, sound better, and put out more power, every generation. The M605 is smaller than my M301 and is about double the power. They also look clean as hell with the brushed metal laser logo and digital display and digital controls. It also comes with a built in fan.

Wiring- Kicker PKD1 0/1 Hyperflex Kit
This is simply the best kit on the market. The most complete and well made. A couple strands away from Knu’s Colossus but is cheaper much more flexible and includes 2 distro blocks and protective netting near the battery. If your thinking about upgrading I suggest you get it ASAP because the demand for copper is continually rising.