I just wanted to write up a quick review on these particular speakers. I have had these in my truck for a couple months now so I figure that its more then enough time to warrant it. Lets get started...

A/D/S PX 1" Silk dome tweets

Build quality A

For these is top notch. Your choices are black or chrome. The case is made of a nice and thick aluminum, making them very durable.

Sound B+

Very nice and clean at lower volumes. Mid volume is also nice. Upper volume is decent, but they do tend to break up. No distortion is present, but they are a tad harsh.

Power handling is ~75rms per tweet. Anymore and they are at risk.
Play nicely down to 1.5khz with a steep slope. I recommend 2.5khz or 3.15khz range.

Coustic Reference DR-304P 4" midrange
I don't have any pics of the speakers other then the manual and a few install pics... here is the manual, they are discontinued. http://www.coustic.com/classic/PDFs/DR-304P.pdf

Build quality A+

Excellently designed and build set of speakers. Soft cone and dust cap, rubber surround. Magnet on these look very promising and powerful for only a 4" speaker. Speaker leads are just the right length and size. Probably why they have a 75wrms rating.

Sound A

These are by far the best and most natural sounding mids I have had. I prefer the sound of these way more then the lotus mids, anything CDT, anything infinity, and anything in the same price range out of rainbow or DLS.
Coustic is retarded for not making these speakers anymore.
Voices, keyboards, guitars, and snare drum are VERY clean at any volume level. My kicks are a little bad with resonance but its obviously the pods, not the speakers.

like I said earlier 75rms rated, I am putting 97rms to mine with no signs of fatigue.

I recommend anything from 150hz-up to almost 4khz. Mine are ran from 250hz to 3.15khz

Adire Extremi 6.8

Outside Diameter: 6.95"
Cutout: 5.79"
Total Depth: 3.88"
Mounted Depth: 3.63"
Flange Depth: .25"
Re 7.02 ohms
Le 0.13 mH
Qms 2.54
Mms 23.3 grams
Qes .383
Cms 1.2 mm/N
Qts 0.332
Power 100W RMS 300W Peak
Fs 30 Hz
Sd 140 cm^2
Vas 33.2 liters
BL 9 N/A
Xmax 13mm one way
SPL 86 dB @ 1W/1m

These were modified before they came to me. Undercoverpunk added the push terminals and the foam baffle material on the back of the mounting flange. A definite + for the add ons.

Build quality A

These are well laid out and well designed. The only complaint I had when I first used them is that the leads seemed to be too long. I shortened them a tad and let them beat.

Sound A+(midbass use) B-(midbass midrange use)

These things are a beast. They play nice and flat down to the 35 hz range. I removed the mag over a week ago and I still have tons of bass...not midbass, bass

With the correct filters they can take ~80rms in a IB situation before they bottom out. Sealed up they can take anywhere from 100-200rms...I recommend 100rms.

As I said they play nice and low. my filters are 25hz-250hz currently with no sub. 50hz-250hz with sub.
They are clean at any volume. Nothing more I can really say...best midbass driver on the market IMO.

Hmm...60hz-2khz is about as high as I would take these. They do not sound great at the upper midrange frequencies. I do feel that these would match up very well with a pair of horns. 1khz and down for the mids.