I purchased this subwoofer about a month ago. I have it in 1^3 sealed running off a Lanzar Opti 2000D. ~700w RMS to it, LPF set at 80hz and SSF set to 20hz. It is a SVC 4 ohm Linear wrapped voice coil.

When I got everything finally set up correctly, I was amazed at the sound quality. Since the subwoofer is SQ based with the linear VC setup, it does it very well. I have been able to hear every single bass note in every song I've listened to.

I think this subwoofer would be better suited in a 1.5 cube sealed setup with its rated 650w rms put into it, as with 1 cube it lacks in the very low end just a little.

I played Dream Theater - Stream of Consciousness, and at 3 minutes into the song is a very fast drum line. This subwoofer did NOT miss a single drum beat.

Overall I have been very impressed with it and would definitely classify it as a SQL driver with the ability to hit every single note.