ok so these are very initial impressions of the swap. when i bought the jbl it came without some jumpers on the VC coil that allow parallel wiring. it's really weird but these subs have both + leads on one terminal and both - leads on the other as opposed to +/- per terminal. So anyways, had to wire the sub to 12ohms (its dual 6). the arsenal was wired to 8ohms, so immediately i'm thinking i'll have to adjust sub levels.

Well, I fire it up and its there... just as loud as the arsenal. i wont lie, i was pretty surprised since it's probably only getting about 300W. that was a quick disproval of how innefficient this sub is and that it needs X amount of watts for it to really shine. while that may be true, with what its getting now its perfectly filling in the low end. cant wait to power it appropriately.

ok so impressions... definitely lives up to its reputation, it really just melts into the music. sounds fantastic, very smooth and articulate and goes LOW. makes alot of sense since its in a slightly bigger box than recommended, the arsenals 1.3cf sealed enclosure. sounds really good, not like a speaker but... just natural. i'm a little vague but i've only spent 30mins or so with it so far, but i'm pleased