I recommend both the Elemental designs 11kv.2s and planet audio bb1250.1 to everyone. Both are absolutely wonderful products.

ED 11kv.2's
The 11kv.2's are simply amazing. They hit super low for a 10 inch sub and get really loud while still staying very accurate. For 65 bucks each I got three of them. I have them in 1.98 cubes sealed before taking away driver displacement. The bass outlawz cd I have is pure punishment in such a good way. You can feel your hair bouncin around when these things hit and you can definitely get it to hurt your ears. They are deadly fast with quick bass hits and never miss a beat, they are very very sq oriented subs imo.

Planet audio bb1250.1
I have 3 dual 2ohm coils hooked up to the planet audio amp, should be ~1.33ohms even though on the dmm it reads 2. Either way the amp never gets very warm, I have it enclosed in wood and plexi with no fans and it still stays nice and cool. No coloration to the sound at all. Some class d's introduce kinda a digital sound to bass, for example hifonics amps, but this amp is crystal clear. Seems to put out it's rated power and then a little although I have no clamp meter to be sure. I couldn't ask for anything more in an amp.

Here is a video of the excursion on the subs my stereo remote bouncin around on the roof of my car. Fun stuff right there.