Great quality at first glance. I forgot to take a picture comparing these to my little D3's, but they're pretty big. Took about 4-5 hours to install :P. It was my first time. Hah. Anyway, these things are great. At first listen, I could tell that these had a different sound compared to my Diamond's. Of course, these cost twice as much, but I wasn't expecting so much. I am running them with my Diamond D3 400.4 bridged, sending them about ~125 watts. I had the crossover setting for the tweet and a loud linear level at first, but I changed it to 'declining' after a while and it was great. First song I listened to was Chris Brown's "Say Goodbye." Immediately I noticed a warm midrange. The tone was real balanced. The violins in the background used to be barely noticeable, but now they blend in with the vocals so well, it's amazing. Midbass is perfect for my tastes, I don't feel that I need more, or less; it was also quick, but it's presence was felt. Next up was Rihanna's "Unfaithful." The tweeter really shined here. I'm lovin' these Cal 25's. The titanium tweeter is far from harsh and is very dynamic. It's like a soft titanium.. I could tell that it's a metal tweet, but it's not harsh at all. When I got to Mario's "Let Me Love You," the midbass just killed me. Constant powerful midbass throughout the whole song that my Diamond's did not offer. Overall, these speakers blew me away. They really force me to listen to songs that make em shine. Ever since I got em in, I've lowered the subwoofer output on my deck considerably or I just turned em off. The sound is very natural and they stay crystal clear at high volumes. Tweeter is very detailed and doesn't miss thing. For 300 bucks, they are a great set. Definitely stomps on the K2P's in my opinion. I might've left some stuff out.. so if anyone has questions just shoot em my way! Great set and I am more than satisfied. Thanks Don!