After my RCA mishap last night, I got a chance to finally get to listen to everything today. Keep in mind I haven't had the opportunity to tune everything to my exact liking, but here it goes: (Due to not really giving the AC DQX time to learn the features and tune the set up, I will review that later)

Profi Vanadium - 2 way active set up off of an Audsion VRx4.300 (110 x 4) and all I can say is wow. These comps are easily worth what I paid. Initially I was hesitant about buying due to the fact that there was no way to hear them. Took Don's (6spdcoupe) advice an gave them a try anyway. The other comps in the running were the Focal K2P, Boston Z6's, JL, and Polk SR (out of those I was leaning towards the K2P). After hearing the tweet on the Rainbows, there is no part of me that is unhappy with my decision. You do have to keep them on a leash or they will run wild, but with a little fidgeting they are amazing. As of right now, the mids definately need some adjusting to keep up, but with the little tuning I have experimented with, there is no doubt that the tweet and mid can't be matched to sound perfect. If there is anybody considering this set, I give it a 2 thumbs up and highly recomend giving it a shot. At first, I was kind of regretting not getting the Powerline series which is one step up, but that regret was gone about 5 mins into the listening session.

Arc Flatline - 2 12" D2's sealed in 1.25 cu ft with about 580 RMS running to them. First off, these are some **** subs. I have never heard an IDMAX, but based on what I read, the Arc's are in the same ballpark in terms of SQ and SQL. Very clean, very clean, very clean. I am only giving them 1/2 of their rated 1000 RMS and IMO the SQ (along with the abilit to get loud) is hands down better than the W6 (which was my other consideration). Down the road, I am thinking about rewiring them so they can get the 1000 RMS just to see what they can do. IMO, this is one of the best SQ(L) subs I have ever heard. A tad bit pricey @ $350 ea, but worth every penny IMO when you take into consideration that an RL-p is roughly $250, but from what I have heard of both, the Arc edges out in SQ. This sub may not be for everyone, but is definatley worthy of being tossed into the mix when considering SQL subs. These things would look amazing mounted inverted in a glassed set up (which may be down the road ).

I know the review is not as elegant as others on here, but if anyone has any specific Q's about either, just let me know and I can answer the best I can.