Audio Enhancers D112 box.

I purchased a box from hifisoundconnection that is made specifically for certian subs. The box i bought is for a Diamond Audio D612 ported. I know alot of people are against pre-fabs, but this box is nice. It has great build quality, all the sharp edges in the port are smoothed, box is carperted nice and overall great quality. Im not quite a fan on the location of the speaker terminals on the box, they could of put it in a less useful spot (i.e bottom corners instead of the side). That is not a big deal for most, but i dont have alot of mounting options in my trunk.

First sound impression
I still have yet to reset my gains, and set my ssf correctly (still trying to find the book for the amp) but with no changes, the box pounded pretty **** good. Granted, my trunk is almost completely enclosed in metal, so its hard to pass sound thru the metal plates.

Im sure box builders can build a better box to optimize subs, but for a guy with no resources to do it, and for the price, it was a great deal.

I highly recommend it.