I recieved my rl-i 8 today. I open the well packaged box,and here is this massive little sub in front of me. The 12's I had 10 yrs ago didnt have magnet structures as big as this thing does. I put the sub in a 1.25 cu ft tuned to 28 hz, powered with 500 rms watts of US amps power. first I thought the output was a little on the low side,so I upped the crossover point on my deck from 50hz to 80 hz.The sub came to life. loud, CLEAN low bass. I personally feel that the 28 hz tuning is a little to low,but I already had the box.30-35 probably is more suitable. the low end extension I crave was there with authority. I have to be careful with the volume, but then again that is likely due to the box size and tuning. This is an all-around AMAZING subwoofer,cant wait til the second one comes,and they both are recieving 500 watts each!