These are the ones with the tweeter mounted on a bridge instead of on a tower. Mine are the 5.25 version but I think they make a 6.5 version too, actually they might not even make these at all anymore, I bought them well over two years ago.

Anyway, I bought these for about 80$ just to hold me over until I got some component speakers. I was so pleased with them that it took me two years to get around to buying Comps. The highs are bright and oh so smooth, with very surprising midbass kick from a smallish speaker. The only drawback I see is when you crank it up (I mean LOUD) and start pounding them with metal or hard rock, you can start to hear them getting overwhelmed. But on all other kinds of music, these things rock even at the highest volumes! Vocals and guitar sound balanced and natural, and techno sounds incredible.

So I finally got around to getting some components, PG xenon’s to be exact. I was very disappointed, the comps didn’t get much louder but they were HARSH and fatiguing on the ears, and eventually they blew up, first the right mid, then the left tweeter. I was powering them off of the same amp as these mb quarts, and did nothing out of the ordinary. So I ttrashed them and put these MB quarts back in, and im still loving them. After beating them up for almost 3 years, these are still going strong, and sounding great!

Im using a hifonics zx6400 to power them