I purchased this box because I am a retailer and can get a good deal on it. Honestly, for the money of retail, there are MUCH better things you can buy. However, some people love the sound of the square Kicker sub, so if so and you are thinking about buying a Kicker loaded enclosure, this is for you.

I installed this box in a 2001 Ford Mustang without the Mach system.
The box is front fired because the trunks on these cars rattle like none other.

Here are pics of the install:

Keep in mind, this is a relatively small box and provides plenty of trunk space left over:

If you have a Mustang and would like to know how I got this box into my trunk, PM me. It is difficult but can be done.

ok, on to the subs. they were powered off a Kicker zx750.1 which provides about 920 watts RMS. The subs are rated at 900w together so it is a pretty good match. They could handle more power with the gains down, but it is not necessary. They have 'bottomed out' with this amp and with a bigger amp they would do the same but at a lower setting.

The box is pretty small as I said before it is the exact same size as the box that they put Comp's and CompVR's in. Unfortunately, the L5's crave a larger box. The box is the biggest limitation of this setup. It is way too small. The good news is that the sound quality is VERY GOOD considering it is 2 square subs in a ported box.

Because the box is too small it does not get the the pierceing loud boom that you may want. I am considering building a new box, but that may come at the end of summer.

To sum it up:

-Good Sound Quality
-Space Saver
-Looks Killer (The grills did not come with it, I added those)
-Dont get me wrong, it is still pretty loud. Ive never measured it, but id say compared to what ive heard and their numbers, its probably around 130+ on a TL (but dont bet on that estimate. If you have a measurement, please post it)

-Not loud/deep enough
-Retail Price
-Power Handling as Rated

Any questions about this or anything listed in my sig can be asked via PM.