Well, I've had these in my car for a few weeks now so I figured I would review them. Let me just say my previous speakers were JL XR650-CSi's, and while I liked the sound of those, I wanted to try something different. I have these things installed in the stock locations and thanks to the way the tweeters are mounted, my imaging is actually much better than expected. I used clay around my baffles along with RAAMat BXT and Ensolite to cover my doors. I also used some pieces of plexi-glass to cover a few holes. I have these running off of a Rockford Fosgate X1 high-passed at 64 hz with 1.1 ms time delay on my left channel and my crossover set to 0 dB. I'm using an Alpine CDA-9853 as my HU and all listening is done with mp3 CDs. The first thing I noticed was just how detailed the tweets are. They sound neither harsh, nor extremely laid back...just very lively and realistic. The mids sound very good as well with vocals and nearly all instruments. The midbass is nothing spectacular, but for 5.25s they manage to hold their own. These things manage to beat my JL XR's by far - although this installation was admittedly better than the JL XR installation. The only real issue with these is the mounting depth - that neo motor structure is impressive! For $150, I haven't heard anything come close. If you manage to come across these or their Mr62 big brothers, I highly recommend you buy yourself a set.