To sum it all up, wow. This things sings with clarity and is pretty **** loud too. It's getting about 1200 watts from a hifonics 2006bxi (1300 @ 2ohm). The lows that come out of this sub are crazy. Just for comparison, the Uber destroys the XXX with lows in my experience. It's in 3.5 cubes sealed and rattles the ***** out of my trunk, especially on the lows, and my front and rear windshields do the wave. I would like to give it some more power, it wants more. The cone does get a little warm, but I think that's only because I've been playing with it with the low low songs. All in all, this sub is a beast hands down. Clarity is unbelievable, sounds like a home theater system in a car (which it kind of is). I am very pleased to say the least