I decided to buy these after hearing them in a nearby installer car. I have them powered by an Orion 8004(only using 2 channels) with an Eclipse 8445 headunit. The sound on these things are really good. The horns while player Jazz are perfect. The tweeters are not as annoying as my Infinity reference comps are when they are pushed. If there is any flaw to the speaker, it would be how it handles the voice of singers like Anita Baker and Sade. And with those two singers, it only happens when pushed very hard. Some EQ'ing of the 8445 cured the problem though. I have heard the JL ZR series comps, Morel Comps (dealer said they were in the same level as the Zr's) and the MTX comps faired very good when compared with them. The Morel componets were ran of headunit power so i cant really comment on how they sound when pushed.