well here is aquick review of the polk sr 6500's i put in in my car the other day. A little info on the car and the system. the car is a Infiniti G35x with the bose system. I ran all new wire into the doors, 4 conductor 16 guage wire from parts express. I mounted the speakers coax in the factory door locations with the x-overs in the trunk. The doors have a single layer of dynamat on them, and the baffles i used are sealed to the doors with dynamat as well. They are running off a kicker sx700.4 running off highlevel inputs from the factory bose HU, which is why i think i have some alternator whine. The highpass on the sx700.4 is set at 40 hz with either a 24 or 30 db slope, i can not remember. I can honestly say these are the best sounding speakers i have ever heard. The midbass is outstanding, sounding better than the factory bose system with 4 6 1/2' and 8" sub. The detail is amazing, i am hearing things that i had never heard in songs before. What at first i thought was noise i realized was actually part of the music, be it fingers sliding down the guitar or the actualy sound of a hand hitting drum. the imaging from the stock door locations with the supplied angle mount coax option is great. Image is dead center and about eye level from stock locations. these speakers love power and when i get the audio control lc6 and can give the amp a really clean signal i can not wait to see what it sound like.

When i get everything in as i would like i will post a follow up. But as for now, the tweet is amazing and the midrange/bass is out of this world. I am truely impressed and i have heard a lot of really good sounding speakers.

Anyone in cincy that wants to hear these, contact either myself or ngsm13, and he can get with me.