Copy and pasted from my review on, soon they will be wanging with a full 220w each.

I Got the assasin because I had already had experence with their former biggest and baddest the avalanche 18. I had spoken with chad on a number of occasions and Ascendant's whole persona is sound quality, and nothing more. Sure they are loud, but they do it sounding good. The Assasin had all the features to make a kick assed entry level driver, and that is just what i needed to match up with a kick assed entry level Co-Ax.

My initial impression when i oppened the box was "****." Nothing more, nothing less. The driver was beefy beyond beleife. That **** Laminated back plate and double stacked magnet motor structure. The Logoless **** dust cap, stiff pulp paper cone. This driver is THE entry level driver.

Ill follow the same format as above.

Driver: Ascendant Audio Assain 10" Woofer

Vehicle: 1989 4dr Toyota Camry

Location: Trunk, seats up, box pushed to the back of the trunk, opened facing to the back of the car.

Enclosure: 24"x36" Wicked One built to spec

Amp: Hifonics ZX4400

Estimated Power: 55w per sub

Amp Settings: Low Passed ~ 100Hz, 3dB Bass Boost, Gain turned down to compensate Bass Boost (some reason there was a dip in the responce at around 45Hz)

Accompany Mids/Highs: Hollywood Sound Drivers 6.5" Co-Axil

Speaker Location: Kick Panels

Listening Level: Maybe 115-120dB spikes

Gener-Rap: Good street beaters. Granted you could get louder for the money but not osunding near as good. Im not all too impressed with the wicked one fore Rap. Low low stuff is awsome. High rap beats, eh mediocure. Of course they are only getting 55w tops....and the trunk lid rattles enough to become annoying on the interior. Sound deadening-next on the list of to-do's. Songs like Blueberry Yum Yum and Touch It Remix with lots of low bass sound awsome, too much for the girl though. However...Pull My Hair's lowest beat was outside of that peak... Which is why i love my Avalanche on that song. Im going to throw togather a Ported enclosure sometime and see how they do. Im also going to give her a componet amp i have lying around to take over Componet duty and dedicate the ZX4400 to the subs giving them 220w each... hello 6 more dB's.

Gener-R&B: Quick beats, soft beats, low beats, high beats. It was catching every one with perfect clarity. One thing the wicked one does have to offer is no messed up transient responce. Nohting more to say here since rap and R&B Beats are very similar.

Gener-Heavy Metal: What can i say? Kick drums are tight and bass guitar lines are smooth and clear (assuming no distortion is used). Not really kick in the chest loud with the seats up, but good. I felt the vibration in the seat.

Gener-Rock: Same as above.

Gener-Pop: See above.

Gener-Jazz: Low piano notes is about all that was in the sample we played, and since piano notes (along with most instraments used in jazz) are undistorted harmonics. So yeah, it was takeing care of it's part.

Overall: Great Value, Great driver. Chad has done it agian. Loud, Clear, Undistorted. And all at a great value, show me another driver that preforms as well for twice the price or less and that driver is one heck of a deal. I would reccomend this driver to anyone looking at entrylevel/tight budget stuff. would also make a good addition to a small HT.