first up, L7 sub, i have it in 2.34 cubes @ 30 hz, TOTALLY kills between 35-45 hz , after that it loses output but still DEF. loud ! all my noobish friends love my system and always offer to buy it from me, my 1 l7 12" is louder than my other friends 2 12" audiobahns in a sealed enclosure but because its in a ricer mobile its supposed to be a "big thing" or something, makes my rear view want to jump off the windshield and makes my trunk/bumper want to hit the pavement

Hifonics BX1500D , good amp, has only went into protect once and thats because i accidently put the volume up to about 25/35 when i had the gains set so max performance would be achieved at 20-22 , always starts right up, never gets to hot and performs wonderfully , i would DEF recommend this amp