bought this sub from, excellent price/shipping/transaction. even comes with warranty. on to the review...

im running this single sub setup in a 1.30 cu feet sealed box off an Orion 300d (300wrms). all i can say is that i am impressed with image dynamics subwoofers. they sound so nice with little wattage. buddies of mine couldnt believe what they were hearing was only 300wrms and a single 12"
as for loudness, i have a buddy whose running 2 12" type-r's in some ported box that bestbuy gave him with a rockford P8002 in a nissan coupe with a dynamatted trunk and my ID got louder than his from outside the car. im running my setup in a coupe as well but my trunk isnt dynamatted (01 honda civic)
sound quality...superior and the best i have heard yet. very harmonic. i owned audiobahn, kicker, and heard plently alpine type-r setups...the ID12 > Type-r in SQ by a slight jump. considering so little space you need to run the ID12 to get its full potential, i would conclude the ID12 is more overall sound quality wise than the type-r.
the price for this little badboy is very affordable, it costed me about $140ish from cardomain WITH warranty.

i have been running this setup for a month+ and my listening habits are usually hip-hop/rap/trance/dance music at 50% volume. i chose this sub mainly because of its reputation of sound quality and space and i got exactly what i wanted. i will consider and recommend ID subs to anyone and everyone. quality subs for affordable prices.

this little amp claims 300wrms at 13.8v. it seriously feels more than that (probably because i did the big-3 and grounding upgrades). this little amp puts out more clean power than my previous brutus bx500. small, compact, has all the sub amp features, and packs plently juice in a small package, orion 300d was the perfect investment for me. at $120 shipped from cardomain, i definately got my monies worth