a few months back, i had the urge to try out a new sub*type R to be specific* but after doing my reasearch, i found the new line of premier subs by pioneer. one of my good freinds used to own two of the older 1500spl's(the 10's) and i was very impressed with them. so i figured id give the 3004spl a shot. and all i can say is WOW. keep in mind of owned brahma's/se's/atlas's etc. and im very impressed with this sub.

i've been listening to it being powered of my jbl BP600.1 amp for the past few months, from everything from pink floyd, to dead presidents. and it hasnt let me down one bit. although it doesnt do quite as good of a job as my brahma did with rock, it sounds **** good. you can deffinetly tell it's geared more towards the rap/hip hop aspect asfar as music goes.

This sub is a LOW END MONSTER!! the first box i built for it was [email protected] because i wanted to get as much low end as possible, and God **** does this thing get moving! first off, it's built like a tank, and in the low tuned box, it pumped out the low's that would crawl up your back and smack you in the face.

did i mention it gets loud? for a single 12" reciving only 700watts, i was quite honestly shocked with the output of it, i had high expectations for it, but it simply blew me away. after using the 26Hz box for awhile*which was **** loud overall i might add* i decided to build a higher tuned enclosure. i ended up building a 1.9cu. [email protected] 34Hz box. and dear god it didnt hit the low end near as much, although it still did a good job with it. but as far as overall loudness goes. it's quite litterally deafining.

last but not least, the SQ of it is very very good overall. especially for an spl speaker. it never missed a beat the whole time ive had it. and was very very clean sounding.

overall, id reccomend this sub to anyone that's looking for a solidly built sub thats on a budget. you dont need a truckload of power to run it, and it gets extremely loud of the power it recives while still retaining awesome sq. if your wanting some extreme low end, id reccomend it even more so, just tune the box from 26-30Hz and i think you'll be satisfied.

i hope you guys liked this review. and last but not least, im considering selling this to try out some new ascendant's so pm me if your interested. i can include either one of the boxes aswell, aslong as you pay for shipping.