I just bought a pair of Image Dynamics ID8 v.3s (Dual 2 ohm version) and they sound amazing. I have a Memphis 1000D powering them with 600 watts @ 2 ohms. So they are seeing roughly 300 watts per speaker. Very clean, tight bass. Can hit the low freq. with NO problems. I have them in the back of my 350Z and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I had 2 JL Audio 12W6v2 in my last car and let me tell you, the IDs have more acurate bass. Much cleaner sound than JL IMHO. I have been buying JL Audio for the better part of 12 years. The new stuff they put out doesn't compare to the old stuff. The old stuff didn't last as long, but JL really has nothing on Image Dynamics. Anyone considering these 2 brands...or any other brand for that matter....take a very serious look at Image Dynamics, I promise you won't be disappointed. These little 8s sound like (2) 12s. Its amazing!