I went ahead and purchased one of these about a month ago while they were on sale for 120, they were also backordered at the time, so I didnít get it until just today. Upon opening the sub, I was a little disappointed in the build quality, the feet are cheap, and one doesnít quite attach properly. The grill is a little crooked, and the plugs that hold it to the cabinet are generally messed up. This got my hopes down a little, but it was really cheap, so what can you expect?

Upon inspecting the back, I was kind of impressed with the little 150w amp that it comes with, it has fairly nice controls, more options than usual, and seems to be of fairly high quality. The sub is pretty big, and looks fairly nice once you get it situated, very plain and unobtrusive, but still looks professional.

On to the operation of the unit, it installed in a breeze, and turned on with no troubles. I put on some light music for a while to break it in just a bit, then went ahead and tested it out. The sub turns on and off silently, so you donít have those annoying thuds. I donít have many home theatre subs to compare it to, my dad has a wharfdale 12Ē down firing model, somewhere around 150w, so this is the closest thing that I have to compare it to. I have also heard numerous computer speaker system subs and Bose subs (yes I class those with computer subs)... I hate em so bad. And we also have a cheap Phillips home theatre system in our apartment that has some sort of bass tube technology(not that great)

But anyway, Iím gonna be honest, I think this is the best 120 dollars you can spend for home audio. If you look at any other sub in this price range they arenít even worth considering, and the components in this thing seem to be worth the moneyÖ

This thing sounds pretty dang good. The knobs make it easy to blend the sub with the rest of your system, and it has quite a kick to it. I eventuality put on some ďthrow it upĒ by little john, and it was shaking the whole house with ease, I think I still havenít used it to its full potential. It sounds pretty awkward on the higher notes in its range, but thatís what the crossover knob is for...once I got its range adjusted properly, it really impressed me. It has much more authority that my dadís warfdale sub. It is a little sloppier than a really high quality home sub, but for the money, I couldnít even build something this good, unless I found my driver and amp on the side of the road somewhere. I was really worried it wouldnít have enough kick to it, because my dads was like 500$ and his isnít loud enough by any means, I think mine blows his out of the water in output, probably not sound quality though. The low notes are low and it sounds clean and powerful, and the bass isnít just loud ghetto bass, you canít tell where its coming from, just like it should be. Iím not sure what more you could hope for a 120$ sub, it is 150 now, but still well worth the money I believe.