So i got a pair of Alpine's Type-R 6x9's today: the SPR-69LP model to be exact.. And my impression was that they f-ing ****.

I had a pair of old crappy pioneers that were running off HU power (17rms) that were just as loud yet refused to distort, and they FAR outperformed these type-r's for the money. I put these type r's on a clarion amp giving them 50w rms each with gains set perfect. These things get no excursion, the tweeters are harsh, the inline x-over is a ****ing joke, and they feel delicate.

On paper their power handling *****, their sensitivity is a laugh, come to think of it I have no clue why I bought these.. they're going straight back to the electronics store I got them from tommorow.

My oppinion, don't by these: they ****.. terribly.. horrible.. i'd rather get kicked in the sac than tell anyone that I actually have these in my car.