Two Words.

Wang Low.

When i was looking for a system i was considering an RE SX 18 and an XXX 18. However Chad at Ascendant decided to drop XBL^2 and the price of some great drivers in the process. So for $300 after shipping i picked up what i would consider is one of the best home drivers on the market and a very good car audio driver.

Yes, this woofer is a home audio woofer. 16Hz Fs gives it away w/o question. The fact that it can be used in car audio is because it is loud and doesnt require a 11cuft box to have an acceptibly flat responce.

I can tell you the scores that this thing hit from memory.

I started at 20Hz and did 1Hz steps untill it fell 5dB from the peak.

For power i have a Hifonics BX1205D pushing around 1000w to the driver.

Anyway, starting at 20Hz it was around 110dB. "110dB?" you say. yes 110dB, this was on the AC however it was also a nearly new mic.

for thoes that dont understand the significance of that comment, 110dB at 20Hz is an acomplishment...especially in a 6cuft enclosure tuned to 27Hz.

by the time it had reached tuning i was doing high mid-low 130's. This is uderly insane. By the time i had reached my peak, at 38Hz (yes it peaked at 38Hz) i was sitting at an uncomfertable 145.3dB.

The funny thing is, Responce didnt drop 5dB below peak untill i over 60Hz. This gives me confidence that this driver is capeable of nearly, if not over 150dB on the AC in a daily set up in a SPL snuffing extended cab truck w/o a wall or an obsenely uncomfertable sitting position (for us shorter fello).

Sound quality? when your not wanging full tilt and are sitting in comfertable mid 120dB musical peaks the responce is flat and clean. Very clean. I can listen to everything from Rap to Heavy Metal to Jimmy Buffet to Alternative on this with out a muddy section or an over powered area. Fast drum kicks are reproduced with ease and accuracy, bass guitar lines are smooth and easy on the ears as when it ventures into the range of the driver. this is partialy due to the decent transiaent responce the enclosure is providing.

Excursion...Excursion...yes the speaker ****. Well i dont know if its the massive size in relation to the dust cap, the lack of a contrasted logo for my eyes to follow or what, but this thing doesnt move like an XXX. Of course it is lacking 8mm of electrical excursion but that isnt the point. Chad knows what he is doing and im sure SQ would be sacrificed (and i dont want that for sure) but i think it is the single progresive spider that is casuing this. Of course movement has nothing to do with out put in the usable range of this driver (most of it is with in 1octave of tuning) but i like lots of moment, its fun to watch, but who cares when my drivers window is moving further than my driver.

all in all, after 6 months of listening it was $300 very well spent.