MTX 9510d4 Subwoofer Review


The Full Set-up
• Controller
o Alpine IVA-D310
• Speakers
o Focal Polyglass 165v2 slim (6.5 front)
o Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 (6.5 rear)
• Subwoofer
o MTX 9510-d wired @ 2ohms ported
• Amplifier
o JL AUDIO 500.1 (650-733 watts to the sub)
o JL AUDIO 300.4
• Other
o 20g video I-pod
o XM radio
o 1 farad digital capacitor (Lightning Audio)
• Car
o 3G v6 Mitsubishi Eclipse
o Yellow-top Battery
o 180 MAX alternator (
o Big 3

After having a wide variety of experience with different products I’ve always had my eye on this woofer since its release date. I knew there were a lot of talks about mtx and how they’re “stepping” up their game by trying to have a sub that could be considered a “SQL” super woofer. Well prior to this sub I owned a 13w7 and it was time to pass that sub off for someone else to enjoy and head in a different direction. After owning 15s, 13s, 12s, and 10s I decided to take it down to a single 10 due to weight, space, and other reasons. I wanted to have a sub that can produce massive output while maintaining what I consider high level SQ at all volume levels. Because I downgraded in size I needed to find something that would be able to give me an excessive amount of bass – given the size difference. Anyways, after asking people a million of questions about the sub, reading reviews, I felt this is something that I have got to try but before my purchase I had to hear the sub in the store. Since I was considering going with a few other brands I found 1 store that had 1 of the brands that I was interested in and the MTX. So – I went to store heard the JL audio 10w7 in JL Audio’s recommend prefab ported box off a JL Audio 500.1 and the MTX Audio off MTX’s recommended prefab ported box again – off a JL Audio 500.1. Of course I couldn’t tell that much difference in SQ as both subs sounded exactly the same – I asked the guy to change the subs up w/o me looking to I can just hear rather than see what was going on. I then provided some input saying that one sub had a little more punch than the other. Of course this was the MTX - I thought this would be needed again – considering the fact that I was downsizing.

Sound Quality (rating – 9.75/10)
“Only flaw I found with the sound quality is that it couldn’t as low as my 13W7"
Loudness (rating – 10/10)
“Never heard a 10 inch woofer sound like this – the amount of output blew me away”
Overall (rating – 98.75/10)
“This sub actually makes me think of the JL Audio 12w7 ported that I once had with the same SQ and SPL

The sub is very accurate on the low notes. The output and power behind this sub has really impressed me – as I have NEVER heard a 10 sound like this (I’ve heard a lot of 10s). For all you JL Audio fans - this sub actually makes me think of the 12w7 ported that I once had with the same SQ and SPL. I think that this sub will remain one of my favorite subs to date along with the Adire Audio12 Shiva, JL Audio 13w7, & 12 the kicker competition. Again, if you’re interested in purchasing a 10 inch woofer that sounds extremely well and provides impressive output – I suggest look up the MTX 9510 – PERIOD.

Feel free to contact me if you want more information (limitkid7 – AOL AIM)