I drive a 1986 mazda RX-7.
When I got it, it came with an Apline deck, and after market speakers.
Only problem was, it was missing bass.
So I put up with it for awhile.
Recently I decided to sell the car.
Anyway, the other night a car toys add came on the radio.
"Two ten inch subs, box, and amp $100"
This got the gears in my head turning.
Cheap bass? It will hold me over until I sell the car, and I won't be investing too much money.
So yesterday I decided to go down to car toys and pick it up.
The package came with two Dual XP-10B 10" subs, a sealed box, and a Dual XPA2100 two channel amp.

So I had it installed.

Including the wiring kit, and installation, the total was $214.50. Not too shabby.

So I got in the car expecting it to sound horrible.
I was pleasantly surprised.

It actually sounds pretty darn good.
Now, they don't have very much low end, but that is okay.
For $100, I am very satisfied. They provide more than enough bass for my small car. They hit hard, and are very loud.

Before I get flamed for buying such cheap stuff, realize that I am trying to sell the car, and I didn't want to spend too much money.
I have a brand new Kicker Solo baric 12" L5 sub+enclosure that is waiting for my next car.

Overall, I give this set up a 7/10, simple because it is very cost effective. They sound pretty good, and that is all that matters.