Seas Lotus RW165 Review

Review Criteria
Build Quality
Instillation Ease
Tonal Balance
Frequency Response
Imaging and Staging

Build Quality A+
Bar none the best midranges, build wise, I have had the pleasure of holding. The tinsel leads are attached with perfect amount of solder. The cast baskets are a perfect fit, and **** might I add. The magnets and top and bottom plates are clean and smooth with no hints anywhere of deformities. The cone is very stiff to the touch, I am not sure on the material but it seems to be some type of light weight magnesium material? Surround is a nice rubber material that seem like it would/will hold up under heavy abuse. Rather decent coil diameter (1.5”). Did I mention the phase plug??? **** I tell you. Very Nice.

The best part of the mids physically in my opinion would have to be the terminal leads. No spade plugs here. Just screw on caps for very, very easy installation with no need for other accessories.

Instillation Ease B-
Definatly not one of the easiest to install. The screw holes on these are nothing more then notches that are half cut out. This make things difficult for your baffle. I found that once tight the screws tended to angle more away from the driver. This was fine after you had four of them installed.

Again, the quick connect terminals made it a breeze to install. Honestly this out weighed the problematic mounting holes.

Tonal Balance A
Tonal balance on these mids were extremely supurb. Very nice smooth sound from them. Very natural to the ear with surprisingly very little need to EQ except for the 325hz spike my sealed doors tend to have. This speaker blends itself well with its surroundings in my truck.

I am a musician and feel that I have a very excellent set of ears.

Guitars are clean and pecise.
Vocals are honestly some of the best bar-none. I would forever choose them over any Focal, MB Quart, Bravox, ect….
Drums are dead on. Excellent reproduction of the toms and snare. Very excellent kick from the bass drum and floor toms.
Bass Guitar out of them is good and actually can and will, in my opinion, bring your feel to the front. Making it feel as though they were standing where they should be.
Keyboards are amazing, they sound better out of the references then most other speakers I have heard.

Frequency Response A
The Lotus mids in my truck are crossed over at 63hz with a 24db slope and 3.15hz, 24db slopes.
There is no lack of mid-bass as others have said. I even turned off my sub for 4 days just to be sure. Excellent mid-bass, Very clean and healthy.
Upper range was a little more tricky. I tend to let the mids do the work up to 4khz. I have heard other crossing them over ~2khz. I tried that and got a very nasty spike out of the tweets, so bad that I couldn’t EQ it out. None the less, there is absolutely no break up in the upper range out of them. You can hear people’s lisp when speaking and can hear the ticking of a pick being strummed across a set of guitar strings.
They blend perfectly with the Stereo Integrity Sub and CDT tweets.
Seas did a great job using the old Excel speakers with modification. I mean, why change something if its already close to perfection?

Imaging and Staging A
Very little changed with these from the HDs. The only major change was that the right side level had to be lowered due to it being more on axis.
Very easy mid to work with in setting up.

Dare I even compare a pair of $300 mids to a set of $300 componets?

Eagles-Hell Freezes Over
• The guitars are amazing on the Lotus mids. Very warm feel with plenty of noticeable kick from drums and bass.
• HDs are great too, but don’t have the same warmth and feel on the vocals ant od guitars that the Lotus do.
APC-Thirteen Step
• Again The HDs and Lotus are very close on the mid-bass produced in this music
• HDs did however break up quicker with the distorion from the guitars. The lotus did not. The seemed to be able to get louder while staying cleaner then the HDs.
• Voices from the Lotus were very nice, I had chills at one point when I turned the sub back on.

Warren G and Dr. Dre
• Very noticeable improvement of the sound of the beats out of the Lotus.
• Mid-bass again tied.
• Voices very accurate from the lotus and decent from the HDs
• No need for either mid to be changed from the 63hz x-over point.

SRV-Little Wing
• WOW! Chills...I felt as though I was at a concert. I honestly was speechless during my listening test with a few of my friends and family.
Drum rolls seem to demand attention and his guitar…oh my, perfection. Again I listened with both the sub on and off, and I still got the same chills from both.

Review Criteria
Build Quality A+
Instillation Ease B-
Tonal Balance A
Frequency Response A
Imaging and Staging A
• Lotus>HD

Total A