first off, let me say that i originally had the polk audio ex3560 (old model) 6.5" components up front until my driver side woofer was blown (maybe because of bad EQ settings?...had my lows max). i really liked those polks so i went ahead and bought the new model polks which were the DB6500.

i bought this set off ebay from a seller "volt12viking" or something like that, great seller btw, for a little over $130 shipped.

now to the performance review, as soon as the audioshop hooked these up and adjusted my deck, it sounded great. if it werent my car, i would've seriously thought they were amped compared to what my blown set was like . before i bought these, i went down best buy and sampled the rockford punch 6.5" components and the alpine type-r 6.5" components as well. they were running off an 30watt home stereo system. to make it short and simple...polk db6500 > rockford fosgate punch 6.5" > alpine type-r 6.5". but those rockford 6.5" gets real loud

these ratings are based on its class and value. its not the top line equipment, but im sure this set of polk components is a competitive set in its price range.
SQ: 9/10 i can hear the lyrics at any volume given (exclude above the 95% volume range). crisp and clear sound as i like it for the hip-hop music i listen to.
money value: 10/10 $130 shipped off ebay
design/appearance: 9.5/10 uts got a **** sleek look to it. the polk emblem on the tweeter shines like a rainbow finish with a low profile tweeter cover. the woofer looks a little small but dont judge it by its size
bass response: n/a. i have not tested out the bass on these woofers, but if your seriously interested in knowing, PM me with your deck settings and ill do my best to decribe it to you. i have the pioneer premier p8mp deck if it helps. so far, i have my bass set at 0 on the deck and it plays like cake for me at high volume or low volume.
high frequency response: 9.5/10. i never heard amped components or high quality ones so thats why an 9. but it sounds really good to me and thats what matters right? i can turn it up to 90% volume and the components still hang tight and dont distort until i hit 95% volume. keep in mind my deck does 27rms. i can only imagine how they sound amped (which i will be doing soon)
overall: 9.5/10. great bang for the buck as i expected, very satisfied with this set and look forward to polk components in the future for the family cars.

if you have any questions, post it here if you can or PM me and ill help ya out.