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Reload Thread: 2005 Alpine Type R 12

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    2005 Alpine Type R 12


    I've been debating on whether or not to make a review on this sub, but it has impressed me so much, there is no way I couldn't.

    I bought the Type R about 3 weeks ago off a ebay store.. finestdeals.
    Everything went over well with them, I recieved the subwoofer in 3 days, well packaged.. a matter of fact it was BNIB.

    That same day, I went and bought a used amp off one of my friends. Why? I don't know.. I was really in the market for a US AMPS amplifer.. but I just couldn't wait to get the R hooked up. So.. I buy his Kicker 550.2 it was pretty much BRAND NEW, he had used it a week and still had about a year and a half kicker warranty.

    So a little later that day.. I get everything hooked up.. the amp was bridged @ 4 ohms.. birthsheet says it'll put near 700 RMS. Then I throw my R in it's brand new box that I built ( 2cu.ft @ 36 hz )

    All I can say is.. My initial thoughts to the subwoofer were that I was slightly impressed.. but later on throughout the last 2-3 weeks I have become to be even more impressed. This thing just does not stop, it is VERY power hungry.. and I would not doubt that it could handle an extra 200-300watts. I defintly have my mind set on another woofer.. the only problem is..

    It's so loud, i'm not sure my ears could handle it! A matter of fact, I just got home from running around town, testing it's capabilities.. and my ears are in PAIN!

    I would recommend the Type R to anyone in the market for new woofers, even if they are cheaper then what you are looking for!! This thing defintly out pounds my last 2 systems. Screw the forum boner. This thing is for real.

    My ratings :

    10 out of 10

    8 out of 10

    9 out of 10

    I will be posting some videos in the future!!! Thanks to everyone who recommended the Type R, I'm lovin' it!

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