I have 2 memphis 12" power references. Run them in a single sectioned 4 cubed box tuned to 40 Hz with a Profile AP1200 running about 500-600 watts at 4ohm between both subs. All I can say is WOW. These subs get crazy loud for the wattage. They are running in a trunk and the vibration knocked my rearview mirror off. the video of Mark Potts and the M3s with the change, I can do that with these 2 subs in my Corsica. They pull way louder than RE SEs running twice the wattage to them. However SQ is not the best on these, the SEs killed them in SQ. For SPL at low wattage these things are awesome I would get them over the W6, W3, or Kicker L5, Comp, CompVRs. All of which I got louder than.