well i figured i'd make a little review of this sub.
it is a Digital Designs 9512e

i just threw together a box for it since i had to listen to it asap. the box was approx 3.1 cubes before displacement. with 3 4" aeroports on it mounted outside of the box. powered by a viper 2500.1 @ 1 ohm. this sub was a low end monster for me in that box. it played the lows like nothing. but once it hit around the 41-43hz range it dropped dramatically. the box was peaking too low for my spl taste. it sounded good with music to me too, but then again im sql tone deaf so i couldn't tell the difference but overall i'd give it an A+ for the whole 2 days i had it (sent back to DD to fix a dustcap issue) well worth the money i spent on it. and the CF dustcap is **** too