Installed my Next FLS 6 6.5" shallow mount components today. Only have about 30 minutes with them so far.....put them through some tracks I'm familiar with and tossed in my IASCA test disk for a few tracks.

Installed them in my doors; mid ran infinite baffle, tweeter in the stock location about 6" down from the sail-panel. Powered through the passives off of two channels of my Coustic DR-514 (50w RMS per side). HU is an Eclipse 8053. Low end is taken care of by a 12" Rl-p.

First impressions: Tonality is pretty darn good. Midrange was smooth, pretty accurate and, for the most part, on par with my Coustic DR 306P's I was running previously. Midbass, while lacking, was tight and dead on. Not nearly as impactful as I prefer, but pleasant sounding in it's own right. Would be nice if they had more midbass output though. They handled a crossover point of 63hz @ 12db/oct very well mechanically (had the volume up to 70 out of 80 and they didn't bottom out [or "top out" I guess you would call it, since the magnet is in front of the cone ]). Though midbass did clear up a TON when I switched the xover to 80hz @ 18db. So, this is where I left 'er set. Though, the lack of midbass output made the sub integration rather challenging.

Tweeter; detailed, but slightly harsh and had hints of sibilance and poor decay. Things like cymbal crashes had good initial tonality and impact (on the harsh side, but not bad).....but seemed to have very slow decay. Though, I have a feeling some of this is due to install location. They are fairly on-axis just below the sail panel. Far from ideal.....if installed more off-axis and, say, down in kicks, I think a lot of the problems will be far less apparent.

Overall not bad. Have their flaws; midbass output is lacking and the tweeter seems to have a few issues (could be install related though).....I don't recall MSRP on these, but I'd put them up against most $200-$250 sets on the market and feel they would compete well with them.