I paid $75 w/ shipping for a pair of these on ebay.

Ok, alot of websites on the internet are stating that these speakers are 6.5" speakers. That information is FALSE. They are 5.25" speakers. Now that I have that out of the way, onto the review.

I have one pair of these in my 96 jetta that I'm using for rear fill. I'm using them as components. I have them mounted in the stock locations. I'm powering them with an mtx 6004 amp, so they are each receiving 75W. When I first put power to them, my initial reaction was. Holy ****! Thats a LOT of midbass. I must have the bass boost turned way up by accident on the amp. So, I opened my trunk and checked, but it was set to 0. I was blown away. I've heard 8" woofers that don't put out as much bass as these things. Maybe its just the install (they are BEYOND air tight), but I've been really impressed with these. For the price, i think these are a better deal than my CDT EF-61 components, though the install on those is kinda halfazz and I'll get back to those in another review. The MTX components have metal domes. I know, I know, metal domes are supposed to be harsh. I've hardly ever heard a metal dome I actually liked, I usually have a STRONG preference for silk. But honestly, these sound just fine. I spent a few hours sitting in the back seat of my car listening to music with only these on; I had NO FATIGUE whatsoever. Overall, I HIGHLY reccommend these. They really are a great deal for the price. The crossovers are well built, and most importantly so are the speakers. It really pisses me off when I find a great sounding piece of equipment that I know won't last more than two years with all the dirt roads i'll take it on. These speakers will last me a LONG time. I highly suggest you buy a pair if you are looking for a upper-mid level component set.