Item(s) for Sale:

I have one 18" sundown zv3 with dual 1ohm coils.

Item(s) Description/Condition:

I just bought it from someone that shall remian nameless. I was told that it was
In mint condition. When it arrived it had a nick in the surround. I was then told that he did not see the cut in the surround and ut must have happened during. BUt you can clearly tell it came from.a screw because its next ti a screw hole and you said ab trace yhe screws path. It has a box with and the amps uyer can have it for free. Nust pay sgipping. In fact i will modify it to ship in.
looks 8/10 spot in surround and basket rub from his instalation.
Function 10/10 i puahes it with my 2500 a box it came alive.


$300 and you cover your own ride

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
My zip is 85131

Item Pictures: 18" sundown zv3 dual 1s-2013-11-19_09-08-12_538.jpg18" sundown zv3 dual 1s-2013-11-19_08-53-16_932.jpg18" sundown zv3 dual 1s-2013-11-19_08-54-23_338.jpg18" sundown zv3 dual 1s-2013-11-19_08-53-46_120.jpg
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