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so is there a coil rub like u have them listed on caco? just saying man u should really let the buyers know .
I thought I did answer this on both, apparently not.

The coils are rubbed, came straight from Kicker that way. I bought the very last 2 D4s they had that were "new". They were obviously used for testing motors, or were factory re-furbs or something of the like. Both of the coils were minty, but with a decent rub on one side. I've dealt with Solo Xs for a long time, and these rubs are minuscule compared to how bad they have to get to actually effect performance. Still sound like new, don't have that nasty metal noise on certain notes like a bad rub does.

Again, we contacted Kicker to swap them the second they arrived and got the typical BS Kicker run-around saying they aren't warrantied cones. I hooked them up to make sure they didn't have the sound my old cones did, and they are mechanically fine. Since they already looked a bit jacked up, I've been working on breaking them in so they'll get to full potential for someone.

The price is reflective of new cones that are still not broken in with no mechanical flaws, just aesthetics if you remove the SPAIR. Sorry for the confusion.