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Reload Thread: Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

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    Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

    Alright, right now I am in the market for a single 15 inch sub. I have a clean 500w to work with. I was considering three different subs. The Sundown E-15, the SKAR IVX 15, and the Obsidian OA-15. I am looking to get something under $180. So far I have somewhat disregarded the sundown for a couple reasons. One being the skar and obsidian like the lows a wee bit better, and, just out of personal preference, I kinda want the rubber surround (what I have now). I'm leaning more toward the Obsidian... probably because of its longer throw, and larger/stronger magnet. I don't want a DCON... just saying that now. So, for any of these subs, they will end up going in a ported box built to spec tuned to 30Hz. For anyone wondering, I am currently running a Rockford Fosgate P2D412 sealed. Bottom line question is, which will be loudest on 500 watts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

    Yea I would go with the Obsidian... Tho, the Skar may play the lows just a lil better.

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    Re: Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

    Because subwoofer......

    I suppose this fuqqing belongs in the subwoofer classifieds

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    Re: Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

    i have 2 ivx-15's on ap1500 they sound good and get pretty loud .they sound better than the vvx-15 to me and 1 on 1 my 1 ivx 15 vs my vvx15 the ivx 15 keep up with the vvx.for the money they are great but if you want to put more power i would get the oa 15

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    Re: Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

    classified noun \ˈkla-sə-ˌfīd\

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    Re: Which of these three 15's, on 500w?

    i have an oa 15 on an apsm 1300 at 2 ohms so its at 600w rms. sounds great. one i upgrade my electrical I'm going to 1 ohm 1k w. and the oa will still take that like a champ.

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