I have installed in my 05' Ion Quad Coupe an Alpine Type R 6 1/2" Component set and an Alpine Type R 6 1/2" coaxial set. Both sets of speakers are 05's and have upgraded power handling from last years models. The components are rated at 70w RMS and the coaxials are rated at 50w RMS. I have a Panasonic 9800 HU powering the speakers. This HU has a Performance Digital Class T amp, and makes around 50w RMS per channel. It sounds substantially better than a typical 18w per channel A/B HU amp, and has no distortion at all. I'm satisfied with it for now, but I would like to double that power if possible, to ensure that the speakers will be able to hold their own my subs when they are installed, and for the additional musical nuance and clarity. I just finished installing a Dynamat Xtreme door kit on my front doors (makes such a huge difference! Dynamat is more than worth every penny & the few hours of installation), and I am about a week away from hooking up my subwoofers. I have 2 05' Alpine Type R 12" subs, and a Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200.1 amp. Ok, my question is: how much wattage can I run the speakers at without fear of damaging them. I read around the forums and understand that the rated RMS for speaker sets are rated somewhat conservatively, but I still don't want to damage my speakers with too much power. If I were to run 100w RMS per channel would my speakers be able to hold? And if so, would a Phoenix Gold Xenon 100.4 Amp be a good way to go? If anyone has any experience with this amp, I would just like your feedback on it. I think that running matching amps would be ideal, but I could be mistaken. If you have any suggestions on amplifiers & what I should do with my situation I would really appreciate the feedback.