Hi. I have a question for the Experts in here.
First I am new in here and just registered myself.
Second, I am from India and need your expert advice.

Alpine have just opened up their own retail store in New Delhi-India.

I have zeroed myself to buy Alpine cda-9827 for my vehicle.
I am only confused which speakers of alpine should i buy along with it.
I dont want to spend much and donot have much clue about component sets though I have read the sticky in here and have understood, however, my intrest is only for clean and crispy sound and not loudness.
Appreciate if you could provide me 2 options as to the set of speakers for rear i should buy.My vehicle already has come with factory pre fitted alpine speakers in the front with model spe-1002.
I was suggested SPS-170A in coaxial by the alpine shop and if I chose component something in my budget would be close to SCS-1756.
But i want your opinion.