ok i blew my front speaker in my lightning today. so it is time finally upgrade the speakers. i currently have two 500/1 running one each to a eclipse sub. i have a 300/4 that was running to the door speakers(now you know why i blew them). i would be using the 300/4 to run the new speaker set up i get.

now here is what im considering (i want to spend right around 350.00 to 400.00 but no more the 500.00 at the most)

i have 5x7 up front and 6x8 in the rear.

1st get only a really good quality set for the front some type of 2 way or a 3 way.

2nd get a nice set of comps for up front and then a set coxial for the rear(this is what sound advice wants me to do but it is going to be like 650.00 from them)

3rd get two desent sets of 2 way comps for the front and rear.

anyone please help i can not make up my mind.

Second what speaker should i get i was looking at Eclipse mostly because i can get a good deal on two sets of 6.5 comps. but im also thinking of JL, Boston Acostics, CDT, and possible Focal, RE, and Rainbow if i deside to go with only one good set

Thanks for all the help