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    Directed Audio

    I know Directed makes great amps but what about their speakers? I'm looking mainly at the 6x9's.

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    Re: Directed Audio

    I have a pair of component speakers from them. An older model from 3 or 4 years ago. The tweeters never really worked. If I CRANKED the HU I'd get barely audible response. I'm assuming I got a bum set of tweeters. The woofers have also had some intermittent problems(one of them just cuts out once in while. I have to poke the woofer to get it to kick back in). I'm in the process of replacing them now. These very well may be the first set of comps they put out. They had just started making speakers when I bought them. I may have just gotten a bad set, as well, I don't know.

    I have a set of coaxs in the back and they've never had any problems and sound pretty good for rear fill 4" speakers. The woofers seem a little harsh in the mid range to me, but I haven't had anything else in my car to compare them too.

    Based on my experience I'd probably recommend looking elsewhere, but I may have just been unlucky.


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