Those are my 3 choices of components Im looking at to replace my Kenwood Excelon 7 components with. They sound good until at high volume they distort too much. Im looking for something that will have a good soundstage and play clear with windows down at high volume. Its not possible for me to hear all three on same board. With my existing amp Im not sure if which of the 3 would work best like bi amp the focals or bridge the 4 ohm sets? I like the idea of running a channel to each tweeter and woofer but not sure if 100w will drive them at high levels. I believe bi amping will keep distortion down but Im a newbie. Im going to be running 2 Jl Audio 8w3s off a JL 600/1 . This is for a Tacoma Dbl cab . Any suggestions would be much appreciated on getting the best SQ please