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Reload Thread: Which speakers would be the best choice

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    Which speakers would be the best choice

    Ive narrowed done my search to 3 different sets of speakers and I'm trying to figure out which ones would sound best in my 2010 Ford Expedition EL...I will have an amp powering these speakers.

    JBL GTO8629
    JBL GTO609C

    Infinity Kappa 682.11cf
    Infinity Kappa 60.11cs

    Polk Audio DB571
    Polk Audio DB6501

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    Re: Which speakers would be the best choice

    Put everything you can on the front and ditch the rear.

    2014 Ford Fusion SE 2.0T
    JBL MS-8
    Zapco ST-4X SQ, ST-1000XMii
    IDQ12v4 1.8cu sealed
    Alpine SPX Pro ring radiators
    Hertz HV165XL
    Knuconceptz OFC, Custom fit Soundrive RCAs.

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    Re: Which speakers would be the best choice

    I have the Polk db 6500, previous version to 6501, and if its similar, (I think it is) than rule it out for any serious sound quality. Its a good budget component set with good mid bass on 100 watts rms, but not for a true sound quality setup. For example, I swapped the Polk mid woofers for the Dayton Audio ND140-4 mid woofers I had and they sound like they have a wet towel over them by comparison and no amount of tuning with my DSP can help it. Im using, or have used Focal, Dayton Audio, and SB Acoustics, and many others as reference.

    Pre fabricated component speakers are tough because they are usually made of poor quality drivers, especially the tweeters for the money. Look at AudioFrogs GS line of speakers.

    2014 Sienna 2-way active SQ system. SB Acoustics SB29RDCN Tweeters. Focal PS165V mid woofers. Pioneer D9500F 75 watts RMS x 4. Pioneer BHS 5800 HU. AudioControl EQX. 10 Alpine SWS sub in custom ported box tuned to 35 hz on JBL GTX 500.
    2014 F-150 XL WT 2-way active budget SQ system. Tang Band 25-302SH 1" tweeters. Dayton Audio ND140-4 mid woofers. Pioneer D8604. JBL Club 5501. JL Audio Twk 88 DSP & FIX 86. Sundown SD3 10 sub ported/ 33Hz 1 cube.
    2014 CX5 3-way active SQ system. Pioneer 1330 NIX HU. Dayton AMT tweeters. Celestion AN2775 2-3/4 midrange. NVX XSP65 mid woofers. Pioneer PRS D4200F 75 WPC x 4. Infinity K1000. JL Audio Twk 88 DSP. Sundown SA 12 2 cube/33Hz.

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