I was looking to buy the psc 210 model but I just want to know if its any good. Its a 4 in woofer and a 1in tweeter. Its an earlier version in the premium series and is comming for 95 bucks. But aside from the money will I hear any big diffrence. I have the rsd213 model from their refrence line but this model for some reason seems to incorporate many of the same parts as that psc210. Perhaps since its older the tweeter and woofer for instance are both the same on either model the only change is in the crossover. But is simply changing a crossover going to cause a huge musical change and be worthy of premium status while still using parts from the refrence line? The part is titled refrenz- premium but is listed under their heading. Someone clear this one up for me! If you own this model or another psc model please tell me what you think of it. Thank you