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Reload Thread: New Coaxial Speaker Popping/Crackling

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    New Coaxial Speaker Popping/Crackling

    TL;DR New coaxial speaker making popping sound at higher volumes (with bass), suspect wire to tweeter is shorting (between red dots in image below), not sure best course of action.


    Last week I bought some Vibe Slick 4" to replace the stock speakers in my dash.

    When I turn the volume up enough that the bass notes are making the cone vibrate a lot, the speaker will make a popping sound when the deepest bass note hits. It happens on one speaker more than the other, however both will do it given enough volume.

    Underneath the grills (which aren't used) they look similar to the speakers below (which look to be the next generation of the speaker I have):

    Looking at it I kind of suspected it could be because the wires to the tweeter might be making contact at the top and bottom (2 red dots in the image above), letting the current skip the loop. The wires have some sort of weaved metal on the outside - I have no idea if this is the wire itself, or if it is indeed some sort of insulated coating (it certainly doesn't look insulated) that would invalidate this theory.

    I tried putting a "pillow" of electrical tape inside the loop of each of the two wires and the popping sound did appear to stop (though this caused buzzing from the wire vibrating against the tape). However, just simply covering the bottom half of the wire (or on another attempt, just the top half) in tape the problem persisted - though I couldn't see how the wires could possibly have been making contact.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and know how I could try to fix it. I'm tempted to either try shrink wrapping the wire, or using a liquid electrical tape to coat it - though I'm concerned that could just make a mess of the speaker without fixing anything.

    I've tried searching around but unfortunately any searches for coaxial + wire/cable will just return discussion about coaxial cable.

    I few things I should also add
    - the volume really isn't that loud when this starts happening
    - I've tried plugging the speaker in on the other side and the problem persists
    - I'd consider returning them but only discovered the issue after installing the speakers - which involved cutting off 2 of the 4 screw tab/mount things
    - head unit is the stock Toyota Aygo one, I've struggled to find any spec for it, not sure if that matters

    Any information appreciated.
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