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Reload Thread: Upgrading Only Tweeters

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    Re: Upgrading Only Tweeters

    ^ if your an SPL person there's your answer lol. If you want sound quality out of that PA(pro audio) setup then you can just add a sound processor later on and go active when your ready.

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    Front stage: 3 way active front stage with Massive Audio CKX 6x9 component. ckx 6x9 midbass in doors + DB drive pro audio 6.5 in the kick. Rear stage: Jbl ms62C(Its a van I need rear fill). Still NOT ENOUGH! SEND HELP!! 4 Pro Audio 10s in the future
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    Re: Upgrading Only Tweeters

    I agree, tweeters alone wont get you where you want to be. A set of components combined with an amp will definitely help get you there.

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    Re: Upgrading Only Tweeters

    Yea I'll just stop being lazy & upgrade it all with some components & amp

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