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Reload Thread: My speakers dont sound that clear

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    My speakers dont sound that clear

    I have a set of component speakers. They are morel maximo 6.5s They are currently being ran on a kicker 650.4.
    They don't seem to be that clear. I really don't know how to tune the amp and radio I have that well.

    The radio I have is a kenwood excelon x996.

    I currently have the amp gain at a little under half. The Bass boost at 1 db out of 16 or 18
    and the frequency at 100hz.

    The headunit has a manual 13 band eq but I just have it set under the rock setting.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the best sound out of my speakers? thanks

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    Re: My speakers dont sound that clear

    Have you checked the crossover output wiring? These speakers are VERY polarity sensitive on the output of the crossover, as a 2nd Order design is 180 degrees out of phase at the crossover point and these crossovers will have the polarity compensated because of this. So, double-check that the crossover OUTPUT polarity exactly matches the driver INPUT polarity, ie + to + and - to - on both drivers. If the polarity isn't right, there will be an extreme dip at the crossover point, which will definitely give a strange sound to the system.

    Double check all the settings in your head unit, and make sure they are correct. I have an older Kenwood head unit that has PAGES of settings, it took me quite a while with the printed manual in hand to go all through them. If in doubt, do a "factory reset" of the unit and start over with the settings. I have attached the Kenwood manual picture of the "reset" button to my post.

    Hope this helps you!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My speakers dont sound that clear-kenwood_reset.jpg  

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    Re: My speakers dont sound that clear

    2001 Accord EX Sedan - it's long do your door treatments. Make sure your wiring is correct, make sure they are connected on the proper channels of the amp.

    Clip city b1tch, clip clip city b1tch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames b1tch.
    2009 Sienna 3.5L Subs : C2 threatcon 15s. Sub amp: hifonics brx 2400.1D x 2
    Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS bought used from vertex audio Mids/Highs amp: PPI Phantom 900.4 - bought from dragnix
    Front stage: 3 way active front stage with Massive Audio CKX 6x9 component. ckx 6x9 midbass in doors + DB drive pro audio 6.5 in the kick. Rear stage: Jbl ms62C(Its a van I need rear fill). Still NOT ENOUGH! SEND HELP!! 4 Pro Audio 10s in the future
    320 amp Singer alt almost installed. Just a group 31 deka in the back atm with big 3 finished.

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