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Reload Thread: Sundown Neo Pro 6.5 or ID CXS 6.5

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    Sundown Neo Pro 6.5 or ID CXS 6.5

    I just tore the surround off of one of my Massive Audio CK6X mids and was wondering what you guys thought about running the 4 ohm version of the Neo pro 6.5 on a passive crossover network from my MA CK6X component set? The amp I'm running will do 300w per channel so there will be plenty of power. I'm just concerned about how it will sound running off that passive crossover and the component tweeters (which are pretty bright). My doors are sound deadened a little bit too.

    I would like the loudness of the PA speakers but I still like some quality. The ID CXS 6.5 mid is on my list because it seems to be the closest replacement of my blown mid.


    Head Unit - Alpine CDE-123
    Front Speakers - Sundwon NeoPro V2 6.5"
    Front Stage Amp -Boston Accoustics GT-4100
    Sub Amp - Audioque 3500.1D
    Sub - Audioque HDC3 15" D2 - 4.5 cubes @ 38hz
    Wiring/Big 3 - KnuKonceptz 1/0 Fleks
    Batteries- Diehard Platinum 31M, C&D Tech 350-mr, Diehard Gold AGM
    Refs- lightningbolt44, andar, dbeez, robertspangler, dextermoped, johnjv29, blazin33, titan808, hispls, ILoveZombies!

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    Re: Sundown Neo Pro 6.5 or ID CXS 6.5

    i have a set of IDs CXS and i think they're great..bought them for the purpose of running active but never got around it they sound very decent with just 120w/side
    only criticism is i wish they could play below 100hz with more authority

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